Winter Dog Walking Care

Winter Dog Walking Care

Our Tips on Playing in the Snow

Dog’s love to have fun in the snow from rolling in the fresh falling snow to catching snowballs, so to make sure you and your little friend stay safe and sound this winter we’d like to help you have plenty of fun this winter.

Wrap up warm

Our beloved pooches feel the cold just like us especially the short coated ones ie Staffys and Lurches, so to help them stay warm and toasty put a little coat on them when going out for your adventures especially if it’s a long adventure, as they can suffer from hypothermia the same as anyone.

I know a lot of pooches don’t like to wear coats, Mia is no different, but as soon as she’s outside and having fun she soon forgets she has it on and just enjoys herself as normal.

There’s an amazing choice of Dog jackets now so you can find something no matter your budget and personal taste. If you have a cool one please send us a picture so we can have a chuckle.

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Paw Care

Looking after their little feet is so important this time of year, with the Councils spreading rock salt on our footpaths and roads to keep it safe for us ‘hoomans’, the salt may irritate the pads and cause the pads to bleed.

I always give Mia’s feet a little bathe in some warm water after her adventures in the Winter, you can also protect their little paws from the snow with a little bit of wax from the pet shop or a little petroleum jelly (don’t go overboard, just a little will stop the snow sticking to the fur).

If you want to give them an extra little bit of a pampering you can try rubbing a little coconut oil their pads – this makes them lovely and soft after a hard day of playing. Plus they love all of the extra attention.

Remember, their feet get sore in the snow or on cold, hard ground so whenever you’ve been out to play please just give their paws a once over to make sure there’s no cuts and abrasions that could ruin your Winter fun.

Just like anything, a little care and preparation goes a long, long way

If you have any tips you would like to share about looking after your pooch’s paws in Winter to make sure you have tons of fun then please get straight in touch with us.

Please don’t forget that although this article is about looking after your friend’s paws and keeping them warm, don’t forget to do the same for yourself because sore lips from the cold, cracked hands and all the other things can ruin your fun so keep wrapped up and keep safe.

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