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Alot of my friends love our Pet Taxi service

My Mam started the service for my friends we take on walks. It made sense to take them where needed to go after their walk because we already out in the car.

Julie then extended it to our Doggie Day Care friends because they come out for a walk with us as part of Doggie Day Care.

Back to Julie

It’s really handy for all of our Customers and can free up a little bit of time for you or, if you have no transport or are unwell, make a real difference to you and save alot on taxi’s.

I must add though, our Pet Taxi service isn’t a standalone service, it’s only available to our existing Dog Walking and Doggie Day Care customer. We might extend it o none customers in the future though so please get in touch if you want to find out more.

Our Pet Taxi

In case you worried about anything here’s some of the specifics:

  • Transport- every Dog under our care is transported completely safely with individual harnesses and even their own bed to make them nice and comfy.
  • All Weather- we have a small 4x4 which is great no matter the weather so even if it's snowed we can still get out and about.
  • Care- I look after any dog in my care with as much care and attention as I do Mia. This goes beyond just making sure they're exercised but making sure they have treats they love, toys they love and anything and everything to make sure they get really excited about going out with Let's Go Walkies.
Pet Taxi Washington
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Pet Taxi Washington

Pet Taxi

Struggling with transport so missing out on important Vet appointment? We’re here to collect your little (or not so little friend) and get them where they need to be.

Dog Walker Washington

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