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Awesome! You want your friend to come over and play?

Me and my friends have serious good fun during our Doggie Day Care because Julie is the best Mam in the World!

We’re never, ever bored or even have time to get bored and Julie is always there in case any one feels nervous or misses their owner. And when we’re all pooped out from all the fun there’s lots of nice warm places for a dog nap.

Don;t even get me started on the treats, food and training! Julie really knows how to look after Dogs as Doggie Day Care.

If you want to come over and play at our Doggie Day Care I know you’re going to have as much as me.

Dog Day Care Washington

Why come to Let’s Go Walkies for Doggie Day Care?

If you found us by using Google you’ll have probably noticed there’s an awful lot of Dog Day Care providers nowadays so it’s very important you know why Mia and I are your best choice:

  • Transport- every Dog under our care is transported completely safely with individual harnesses and even their own bed to make them nice and comfy.
  • Fun- not only do we have tons of fun when we're inside but unlike other providers we don't charge anything extra for walks when your friend is with us so it's fun all around for everyone
  • Care- I look after any dog in my care with as much care and attention as I do Mia. I take it so seriously that I recently passed my Dog First Course
  • Facilities- we're completely checked over and certified by the Council complete with a quarantine area for poorly dogs. There's lots of room for everyone to have lots of fun
  • paw
    Affordable- despite everything we provide and the level of care at our Doggie Day Care, prices start from only £10.00 for a half day. You can see our Price List clicking here
Doggy Day Care Washington
doggy day care washington

Doggie Day Care

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Dog Walker Washington

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